Disney FROZEN Birthday Party - On a Budget

**This is a repost from my sister site SearchingSimplicity.com from February 2014.**

Last week was a very busy week.  We were hustling and bustling around our home preparing for my youngest daughter's first party she ever had!  She was super excited (and so was I).  She loves the new movie FROZEN so of course we had to have that as our theme. But one of our goals this year was to pay off debt, so this party had a very strict budget.  Like spend as little money as possible!  But I found that it was more doable than I thought.  Using some creativity (and Google) we created a fun, engaging party for my little one and all her friends.

Here are the ideas and links we used (and something free at the end to share).

  • I Really love those professional looking invitations that match the theme of the party and have everything already written on it.  The cost really isn't that bad.  And you can have them custom made on Etsy.com.  But I wanted to create my own.  So this is what I did...  I Googled "Anna and Elsa wallpaper."  I found an image that left room on the side for text.  I saved it to my computer and opened it in a photo editing website (I used Picmonkey.com).  Crop to the size you want and add text like the date, time and place of the party.  Save.  Print on photo paper or take it to your local print shop to print.  I printed it myself and placed them in a envelope with a picture of Olaf on the front that I created on my computer. 
View a full tutorial on how to make these invitations --> HERE.

DIY 3D Paper Snowflake

  • I involved my older children in the party preparations.  Thinking *winter* we decorated with paper snowflakes and blue and white balloons.  We really liked the dramatic look of 3D snowflakes.  We made 3 and strategically placed them around the room. We found great instructions to make them  --> HERE.
  • Free Printable Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers
  • We covered a table with a white tablecloth and placed our cupcakes on a cupcake holder as the focal point.  Then we added Anna and Olaf for added decorations.  Elsa was not purchased at the time, but we got her later. 
  • The cupcake toppers and wrappers were free from Homeketeers. You can pick up your --> HERE.


Elsa Crowns and Sven Reindeer Antlers

Epsom Salt Snow Scene Craft
  • When everyone arrived they each put on an Elsa crown or Sven reindeer antlers.  This idea is from My Sister's Suitcase.  You can pick up instructions and a template to make them --> HERE.  In the original directions craft foam was used.  But I didn't have any so I used cardstock I had on hand.  I added a light layer of glue and sprinkled the crowns with glitter.  Then I die cut the snowflakes with my Silhouette.  I also had the ribbon on had.  In the end they were more durable than I thought they would be.  And they were no cost at all because I used what I had.     
  • Gather some black paper and Epsom salt to create a crystallized snow scene.  This was also an idea from My Sister's Suitcase. Mix equal amounts of hot water and Epsom salt.  Paint on dark paper with a paintbrush.  When it dries is crystallizes and creates a really cool affect.  It was easy and non-messy.  A win, win!

Pin The Nose on Olaf
  • If you live in a snowy area, outside play is perfect.  On your invitation tell your guests to bring their snow gear (ie. snow pants, coat, gloves, hat, and snow boots).  It seems only fitting to have a FROZEN party out in the snow.  After all most of the movie is set in a winter wonderland.  We played ELSA TAG (aka. freeze tag) in the snowy backyard. 
  • My husband made a snowman with the likeness of OLAF without a nose.  So we played pin the nose (carrot) on Olaf.  We took real carrots and drilled a small dowel on the fat end.  That way it would easily stick in the snowman.  The children were blindfolded and they really got a kick out of all the different "noses" Olaf got.
  • After outside games we came to warm up with hot chocolate and cupcakes.  After that we used the songs from the movie to play musical chairs.

Free Printable Tag for Hugs Goodie Bags
  • When the party was over we thanked our guests for coming by giving them a bag of hugs. 
  • During the party we had all the music videos from the movie playing on our TV.  At the time of the party the movie hadn't been released on DVD or digital download yet.  So I created a playlist on YouTube and repeated it throughout the party.  The children had already heard the songs over and over so they sang along.  It was so cute!  If you would like to use my playlist for your party you are welcome to.  You can find it --> HERE.
I'd call the party a success only because my little daughter was so thrilled with it.  She and her friends had a great time.  It only lasted and hour and a half, but that was plenty of time for everyone.  And we didn't open gifts.  I put on my invitations "No Presents Please."  I didn't want presents to be the focus of the party.  The best gift of all was spending time with friends.

I was super thrilled that the party didn't break the bank.  In fact the only cost was for paper plates, napkins, table cloth, cups, the bags and hugs for the goodie bags, and cake mix for the cupcakes.  Everything else was created with what I had on hand.  So I would say that the cost was approximately $20.  Certainly not bad.  :)

Hope you can use these ideas.  Feel free the share them.  But please remember that the Olaf goodie bag printables are for personal use only.  Thanks!!

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