Disney's MALEFICENT Party - On a Budget

THEME: Disney's Maleficent
AGE RANGE: 6 to 12
COLOR SCHEME: Black, Green, Blue, Purple

When I was a teenager I went through a phase where I watched Sleeping Beauty on VHS almost everyday.  I had all the songs memorized. I really have no explanation to why I watched that particular movie so many times.  Maybe it was the romance, the animation, the magic.  One thing I do know is that I was strangely fascinated by Maleficent. I often wondered why Maleficent was so evil.  Every other Disney movie seemed to explain why the villain was so villainous, but there was no explanation to why Maleficent was so angry that she cursed a baby... until now.  I finally got my explanation in the new Disney movie, Maleficent. It all makes sense now.

I loved the idea of Maleficent being a fairy, so I rolled with that in planning a party around the Maleficent theme. All the activities for the party used items I already had on hand keeping the cost very low.  And items I didn't have I created, like invitations, tags, and cupcake toppers.  You can download the party pack totally FREE to use for your next party.

I split the party pack into two downloads.  The first is just the invitations and the second is the tags, cupcake toppers, and cupcake wrappers.

Download the FREE Maleficent invitation pack --> HERE

Download the FREE Maleficent party pack --> HERE


Set the stage with your dessert table. I used black velvet fabric for the table cloth.  The cupcake toppers, with the wrappers, displayed the theme.  Inspired by the forest of thorns in the movie, I added branches from my rose bush on the table.  I was going to spray paint them black, but felt like they would blend in with the black table cloth too much. When added to the table with the green backdrop it added a very natural look. Which went well with the look of Maleficent when she was young.

And of course the decor could not be complete without Maleficent's faithful crow. I found a silhouette of a crow online, printed it, and cut it out. Then I attached the silhouette to the branches as if he were perched above the cupcakes.

You can download the crow silhouette --> HERE

Party goers can wear Maleficent's horns, too.  Use the downloadable template I made to create a unique party hat or photo prop.  For the hat, attach black ribbon on either side and tie it around the child's head.  Hand them out as your guests arrive.  Or attach a dowel or skewer to one side to use as a photo prop. The crow could even be used as a prop as well.

Download the template for Maleficent's horns --> HERE


Inspired by the scene in the movie when Maleficent first meets (the later) King Stephen, and he gives back a jewel he stole, we had a jewel hunt in our backyard. I didn't have any jewels on hand so we created out own.  If you happen to have some pretty rocks that would work great, but I didn't even have that. I have plenty of rocks, but they are all a dull gray. When I think of jewels I think of them being iridescent, shiny, or glittery - like nail polish.  I took my favorite colored nail polish and painted the rocks.  It worked out great.  They dried fast and left a very iridescent, metallic look.  Even better, they really stood out in the natural setting of out backyard.  Just enough for them to be found, but not so much that it was a dead giveaway.

I suggest that if you have young party guests the rocks should be a little bigger and placed in more visible locations.  But if your crowd is older, then the small rocks hidden well will give them just the right amount of challenge. And if your feeling really adventurous you could have your guests paint their own rocks to turn them into jewels.

If you notice in the movie Maleficent is wearing a very large, beautiful ring.  This is also in the cartoon, Sleeping Beauty.  Using that as inspiration our party craft was to make a ring.  I found this wonderfully simple idea of making a ring from a button and paper clip at  Morning Creativity.  It is remarkably easy and even little ones can do it.  My daughter loves her simple ring.

You will need:

Small, plastic covered paper clips
Wire bending tools (optional)


Following the pictures to the left.  Select your button.  I find that the two holed buttons are the simplest to make.  Stretch out the paper clip and then bend in half.  Slip the paper clip wire through the button holes.  Shape around an object that is the similar size of a finger (I used a paint brush).  Twist the excess wire around itself to secure it.  You can use a wire bending tool, but I found scissors worked well too.  Make sure there are no sharp edges before putting the ring on your child's finger.

If you don't have buttons or paper clips on hand, then you can purchase these for very little cost.  The craft is so simple that party goers could make more than one. Even try layering different sized buttons to create new looks.

Party Favors

I love giving out the party favors to tell my guests "thanks for coming".  So keeping with the fairy theme, I was inspired by Maleficent's wings in the movie.  They meant so much to her and they were so majestic.  Every Fairy deserves their own wings.

 The wings don't have to be expensive.  I found a wonderful website called Always Underpay that has wholesale prices on wings (like between $.75 to $2.00 each!). There is no minimum order. And they have a great selection.  Even better, they have sales all the time with free shipping on orders over $40.  It's one of my favorite places to shop online.  Take a look around.  It's a wonderful place for party inspiration.

You can find the link to a great selection of fairy wings --> HERE


To set the mood for your party you can play the Maleficent soundtrack.  I found the entire soundtrack album on YouTube.  The link has a nice screenshot so you could play it softly on your TV.  The soundtrack album lasts about an hour and 15 minutes, so you might need to repeat it depending on how long you party is.

You can play the Maleficent soundtrack --> HERE

I hope you have a great party using these activities and printables.  If you use my printables for a party of your own send me some pics.  I'd love to see it.  Enjoy!


  1. What great ideas! My soon-to-be 7 year old wants a Maleficent party so I'm thrilled to find this!

  2. Great post! I'm planning to have a Maleficent birthday party themed for my daughter. This is a huge help. By the way, I found this link interesting: http://www.partybox.nz/.

  3. Thank you so much for this my soon to be 9 year old decided to have a Maleficent party and I had no clue what to do!