Tutorial: Creating Customized Invitations

I was recently asked how I made my customized invitations for my daughter's FROZEN party

It's really easy.  I'll show you how to make your own...

 I love those customized invitations I see on Etsy and around the web.  I found that I can easily make my own if I have (a) a digital picture, and (b) a photo editing program.  So I Googled FROZEN images and I liked this one...

Then I found a great picture editing website called PicMonkey that is absolutely FREE.  You can pay for the little extras, but I think it's only necessary if you get really serious about editing your photos. But the basic stuff is absolutely FREE.

Right click the FROZEN image above to save it to your computer.  Then open it up in PicMonkey by clicking on the EDIT button on the homepage.  Then follow the directions below to create your very own customized invitations.

1.  Select CROP from the left menu.  The size I chose from the drop down menu is 4x5 so the invitation would fit in a standard note sized envelope.  You can choose any size you wish.  You could even choose NO FIXED PROPORTIONS to crop free hand.

 Move the crop window around your picture until you have your image in the place you want it.  Don't forget to leave room to write your party info.  Press APPLY when you are happy with the crop.

2.  I wanted to make the edges of the invitation a little frosty to give the feel of cold winter.  This is completely optional, but gives a fun professional touch to the invitations. To do this click on the little magic wand icon on the far left side of your screen.  The effects menu will pop up. Scroll down a bit until you see the FROST option.  Click on it.  Mess around with the size, intensity, etc. until you like the look.  Click APPLY when you like it.

3.  Now you are ready to add the text.  On the far left side of your screen click on the text (Tt) icon.  Here you have tons of options. You can either use the fonts they provide or click on YOURS to get the fonts from your computer. Click on the font you like and click on the ADD TEXT button at the top of the font options.  A text box will appear on your image.  Move your mouse to the box and type.  An options box will appear so you can change the color, size, etc.  Move your text to where you want it on the image.  Play around with this for a bit.  There are tons of options.  Just have fun with it.

4.  You can be done or you can play around and add even more overlays and effects.  It's your invitation so have fun with it.  If you are done, click on SAVE at the top of your image and save it to your computer.  Now you have the option to open it in your own photo software and print or take your file to a print shop.

See?  Easy Peasy!!  I featured my FROZEN invitations, but you can use any image you find on the web.  Just GOOGLE the theme you are looking for and the word "wallpaper". These wallpapers are intended to be used for your home screen on your computer, but I find they work great for creating invitations.  They have an image on the side and blank space for adding text.   Here are a few images I found for the Maleficent party.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

If you have any questions please ask in the comments below.  I'll answer them as soon as I can.  Most of all just have fun with it.  And then step back and look at what you created!!


  1. Hi, nice birthday invitations. Thanks for the tutorial but what did you used exactly to edit the wallpaper. Have a nice day!

  2. Did you print through that program? Mine looks blurry even though the file was large and may have even been the file you used. Figuring if it looks blurry on screen it will print blurry

    1. Nevermind! I needed to go a step further to download the bigger file size. ha!