Tutorial: Baymax Sugar Cookies

This is how to create your own Baymax face cookies...  All you need is a your favorite sugar cookie recipe, circle cookie cutter, and white and black royal icing.  You can either make your own icing or purchase premade colored icing from the store.

Mix your ingredients for the sugar cookie and roll out the dough.  Use the circle cutter to cut out the dough, then smoosh the top and bottom of the circle to create an oval-like shape.  Place on a cookie sheet and freeze for 5-10 minutes to make sure the cookie doesn't spread when baked.  Go directly from freezer to hot oven.  Bake according to your cookie recipe directions.

When cookies are fully cooled add icing.  Using a pastry tip to make the eyes is easiest.  I used the Wilton number 3 tip.  Number 2 would be great as well.  Simply make 2 dots and a line connecting.

There you have it! Cute Baymax face cookies for your next Big Hero 6 PARTY!

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