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When I first started making cards I was totally overwhelmed.  I saw what I wanted to created in my mental picture, but I really struggled getting it on the card.  It was pretty time consuming as I learned techniques and strategies.  But, to be honest, it was totally worth it!

I good way first-timers can start making cards is through card kits.  Everything is cut and laid out for you. The kits come with instructions, die cuts, embellishments and more!  No guessing about layout it's all done for you.  You can get right to the fun part - creating.  Your friends will ooooh and aaaah over how beautiful your handmade cards look.  And they will feel extra special because you too the time to create something for them personally.

One of my favorite card kits is the Tin Of Cards kit from Stampin' Up!  I think what makes it so wonderful is that it comes with a tin to organize your cards in.  The kit makes 16 cards, 4 of 4 designs.  Store the finished cards in the tin so you can reach for them whenever you are in need of a card to send to a friend or loved one.

Below is a picture of what comes with the kit...

If you really want to see how the cards are put together watch this video...

And the great thing about this kit is that if you choose to get a little creative YOU CAN! Not all the cards have to be the same.  If you want to make each one unique, go for it!  Let your creativity expand!!

Below are the items mentioned in the video you will need for the kit.  Gather some friends, order your individual kits, and pitch in a few bucks each on the cost of the additional materials.  Get together for a girl's night and create some great cards.  Or if you plan on creating more in the future, stock up on all the materials yourself.  They will definitely be handy for more stamping and crafting.

Oh! I almost forgot.  This little tin makes a great gift, too.  You can give it as a kit or completed by you.  Either way it is a unique little gift anyone would enjoy.

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