Tom Turkey Picture Tutorial ~ Repost

** I first made this little stand-alone punch pal turkey 5 years ago.  It was featured on Tip Junkie. Some of the items I used for this turkey are now retired, but if you happen to have all the punches and material on hand, he makes a great table decoration.**  

This is the direct post from five years ago...
 I am back with yet another tutorial this week.  WOW!  Two weeks in a row...I am on a roll!  Today's tutorial is my Tom Turkey table decoration...
Tom turkey picture 
This little turkey can stand alone on your Thanksgiving table or can be attached to a favor box, Thanksgiving card, napkin ring or anything your creative mind can conjure.  He would look super adorable at place settings and dotted around the dinner table. 

To make this turkey you will need...
Tom turkey 025 
Cardstock: brown, red, green, yellow, black, and orange
1 3/8 inch circle punch
1 inch circle punch
small flower punch
hole punch
Nestabilities dies: large scalloped circle, medium circle, smaller scalloped circle
black marker
white gel pen
dimensional tape

Tom turkey 028 

1. Start by using brown cardstock to punch circles with the 1 3/8 and 1 inch punches.  Punch 1 small flower with yellow cardstock.  Use hand-held small hole punch to make two blackcircles.  Then take the Nestabilities dies to cut small scalloped orange circle, a green plain circle that is just bigger than the small scalloped circle, and a larger scalloped circle using red cardstock.  Set all your pieces aside.

Tom turkey 033 

2. Gather the brown circles, black circles, and flower.  With scissors to cut the flower in half.  This will be the turkey's feet.  Then cut a small triangle out of yellow cardstock for the beak.  Last, use red cardstock to cut a small red wattle for the turkey's face.  Now you are ready to adhere them all together. 

Tom turkey 036 

3.  Take the smaller brown circle, which is the head, and adhere to the bigger brown circle, which is the body.  Then take the two halves of the yellow flower and adhere them to the bottom of the large brown circle on the underside of the paper for the feet.  Then adhere the black circles for eyes, yellow beak, and red wattle.  Use a white gel pen to add a gleam in your turkey's eyes.  Set aside.

Tom turkey 038 

4. Now begin making the turkey tail.  Take the large red scalloped circle and measure 8 scallops in to create a fold.  It helps to use a ruler to create a crisp, clean fold.

Tom turkey 039 

5.  Fold the scalloped circle back so that it can stand straight.  This will help your turkey stand.  If you are making the turkey to attack to a box or card, just cut where the fold would be.

Tom turkey 040 

6.  Now you are ready to attach the rest of the tail.  Mount dimensional tape on the back of the green circle and orange scalloped circle. Adhere the circles so that the larger one is in full view behind the smaller.  Use a ruler to fold under the bottom of the circles.  Or cut them if you don't want your turkey to stand alone.

Tom turkey 041 

7.  Mount dimensional tape to the back of the turkey body.  Attach to the tail.

Tom turkey 002 

8.  At this point you can be finished.  But if you want a pilgrim turkey you can add a hat.

Tom turkey 003 

9.  Cut black cardstock into a 1 x 1 inch square.  Then cut a strip of black cardstock that can be the brim of the hat.  Then cut a very small square out of yellow cardstock for a buckle.  Use a black marker to color a small square in the middle of the yellow square to look like a buckle.

Tom turkey 004

10.  Adhere the small, black stip to the bottom of the black square.  Then adhere the buckle to create the hat.  Then adhere the hat to the turkey's head.

Tom turkey picture 

Your turkey is completely finished!!  And he will look so adorable on that Thanksgiving table.

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