Changes Ahead

This summer is full of changes.  We sold our home, moved to another state, and are building our dream home.  Yeah, it's been pretty busy.

One other change I am making is to break away from Stampin' Up.  I have been with Stampin' Up longer than I have had this blog.  It's been super great!  I love their products and being a part of it.  It's like one big party.  But, I feel with all the life changes I am making that now is a good time to spread my wings a bit and break away.  I will continue to share tutorials, cards, and anything crafty or artsy, but I want to venture out a little so I am not so confined to just one company.  I guess I am looking for a little more creative freedom.  I don't plan on endorsing any one particular brand or company, but I may give affiliate links of the products I use through Amazon to help pay for this blog.

I'm excited to venture out a bit and explore my creativity.  I will post when I can, as much as I can.  Remember, I am building a house this summer and it is taking all my focus right now.  I am also living in a camper with 3 of my children and husband.  That has been both a challenge and a blessing.  I don't have all my crafting materials because they are packed.  They have been reduced to a tower of drawers in the corner of the camper.  So I am creating the best I can, when I can.  I feel this can be good or bad, I have yet to figure it out.

I'm sharing our home building venture on my sister blog Searching Simplicity if you are interested in following.  Here, I will just continue sharing paper crafting and such.  I will dedicate this blog to only paper crafting, but my Facebook page has had a little more about our move and other fun stuff.  Make sure to follow me on Instagram too.  Sometimes it's easier to just post a pic of a paper craft on there.

Talk to you soon!!

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